Political Animals Updates!

Last week I mentioned that the Political Animals team will be attending numerous conventions around the world to promote the game.  We've been hard at work the game to make sure that convention goers will enjoy it, and I'm excited to share some of our work with you.

Particle Effects

Particle Effects are a relatively easy way to add a lot of polish to a game.  Above you can see some particle effects that affect the entire island.  The Rain particles seem particularly apt for me right now given we've been having torrential downpours recently.

The characters also have particle effect now, depending on the actions you give them.  Here Croccy is raising funds, although his animation makes him look like he's throwing away money.  I guess you need to spend money to make money!


Despite its cutesy look, we wanted to make it obvious that Political Animals is a strategy game that you can really sink your teeth into.  Marnielle worked on different AI types ranging from Corrupt to Clean to just plain unpredictable, and three levels of difficulty.

We also noticed early on that our playtesters liked trying out different staff combinations.  We now have seven different staff types each with their own special abilities that you can mix and match to devise your personal strategy for winning the elections.

New Candidates!

We are slowly designing and adding new Animal Candidates for you to choose from.  Eventually we'll have an entire menagerie of political aspirants!  Is there a particular animal that you would like to be turned into a candidate?

Polish, Polish, Polish!

As we ramp up to launch a lot of the work now is polishing up the game and making sure everything works properly.  We think it's worth it, and hopefully you do too!

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