Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc. is a five man independent game studio based on the Philippines.  We have released two games so far, the strategy game Political Animals, and the currently ongoing Academia : School Simulator. We have been operating for three years.

We are looking for an Operations Contractor to prepare us for expansion in the near future.  This role will be about handling business and operations centric work to allow the CEO to focus on strategic growth and the rest of the team to focus on creating excellent strategy and simulation games.

Ideal candidate will start as a consultant/contractor, analyzing and improving operating processes. Depending on interest and shared vision, candidate may be invited to join the company as a partner/COO to help in long term growth.


  • Interface with accountant for all bookkeeping/tax/SEC/govt related activities and requirements

  • Assist CEO with hiring and basic HR protocol, including payroll, benefits, etc.

  • Assist CEO with Office Management when necessary (minimal, since we have a virtual office and mostly work from home)

  • Assist CEO with financial management, including cashflow management and projections, and other financial requirements

  • During onboarding, walking through the company’s current processes for all of the above and either improving or replacing them


  • Hands on experience running a business or operations for a small business of at least 10-20 people

  • Strong literal, written, and nonverbal communication skills

  • Detail oriented, and keen on spotting inefficiencies and creating good processes

  • Team player, no rock stars or primadonnas

  • Experience in game development is a plus

  • If a gamer, interest in simulation or strategy games (like those made by Introversion, Firaxis, Paradox Interactive, etc.) is a plus

Please send a cover letter (why are you interested in working with us?) CV and/or Linkedin Profile to ryan@squeakywheel.ph.