Fact Sheet

Developer: Squeaky Wheel

Publisher: Positech Games

Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux

Available on: Steam/GoG/Humble Store

Price: $14.99

Release Date: November 1, 2016

Press Contact: ryan@squeakywheel.ph


Political Animals is a political strategy game set in world populated by corrupt crocodiles and meritocratic mice. In a political contest where corruption is always around the corner, fin out whether you can get through a campaign without getting your paws dirty! In this turn-based strategy game you get to decide whether you're going campaign based on the issues or take some short cuts by stuffing some money in the right paws.  Whether you're a retired prizefighting rooster or a pig that sings platitudes to the crowd, there's only one way to find out whether you've got what it takes to win this election!

Political Animals is being developed by a small studio of veteran Filipino game developers whose work ranges from indie hits like Prison Architect and card games by Gameloft like Order and Chaos : Duels.  Find out more about the team here.


  • A short but deep turn-based strategy game that you can play in 1-2 hours campaigns

  • Eight beautifully designed maps based on countries around the world

  • Numerous animal candidates to choose from and customize

  • Eight different staff types with special abilities to suit your campaign style

  • Political Events that draw inspiration from world politics

Media and Recognition

PAX West Indie Megabooth Participant 2016

Games of EGX 2016 Staff Pick

“It's colourful and silly and the art style is lovely, all of which belies its depth as a strategy game.” 

Waypoint Review

“adeptly simplifies the act of campaigning to make it immediately approachable without sacrificing depth”

The Reticule

“a deep strategy game drawing inspiration for in-game events from real world political events and scandals”



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